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Paul Pemberton


Paul and Sarah Pemberton have been attending FLC for just over one year. They have 3 children: Anna (9), Charles (4), and Colin (0). They both serve as the website administrators, and on Media and in the Nursery.

Paul and Sarah met while Paul’s dad was pastoring a church in Eastern Oregon. Paul’s family was watching a little boy at the time, and he couldn’t figure out how to put a high chair together. Sarah showed him how to do it, and he was hooked. They married after their first year of college (four years after having met that day). They both graduated with degrees from Northwest University (even attending back when it was still called Northwest College).

Paul is a Software Engineer at Willis Towers Watson in Lake Oswego, and Sarah is a wonderful stay-at-home mother. Paul teaches robotics at Crater Elementary, and Sarah is very active in adoption communities worldwide.