Message Series: Hello My Name Is

Hello My Name Is Message Series

All NEW message series for the fall at Family Life Church, based on the book of Ephesians. In these messages we will look at our identity in Christ. How does being a follower of Jesus change my identity? What does it mean to have God as our Father, and Jesus as our Leader? Let’s find those answers. Where do our definitions of self come from: others opinions, social media, popular culture?

The Truth is that it is far more important to consider how God sees us rather than how we see ourselves. YOU need to hear WHO God says YOU are!

  • September 17: Hello My Name is Child of God!
  • September 24: Hello My Name is Saved!
  • October 1: Hello My Name is Empowered!
  • October 8: Hello My Name is Blessed!
  • October 15: Hello My Name is Reconciled!
  • October 22: Hello My Name is Called!
  • October 29: Hello My Name is New!